Siser Holographic Heat Transfer Vinyl

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Holographic Heat Transfer Vinyl. Holographic vinyl gives that amazing 3D prism affect.
Size: 12" x 20"
*** The spectrum holographic sometimes has a line in it from where they splice it together and make it. This is normal and how it comes. we will not refund due to a line in it***
This product is intended for use on cotton, polyester or cotton poly blend fabrics. It's imperative to make sure that if you prewash your garment/fabric that you do NOT wash with any type of fabric softener as that will prevent the htv from adhering to the fabric properly.
Application instructions:
Will NOT stretch or layer.
- Heat Application
Time: 10-15 Seconds • Temperature: 320° F • Pressure: Firm • Peel: COLD, for best results cover and repress for 2-3 seconds
- Care Instructions
Do not dry clean • Machine wash COLD / mild detergent • Dry at normal setting • No chlorine bleach • Turn garment inside out • Wait 24 hours before first wash