Foil Heat Transfer Vinyl

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This is the HT Weed Foil that is equivalent to Siser EasyWeed, no adhesive needed. Use just like you would Easyweed HTV.
Size: 12"x20" (+/- .5")
** The Black Leopard is a mix between leopard print and plaid**
Looking for a stunning way to stand out among the crowd? Try adding Foils to your designs for a shimmering, metallic touch you can't find with other transfer processes! This thin, shiny material offers the same favorite qualities as best-selling Easyweed Heat Transfer Vinyl, and is easy to cut, weed, and press to a wide range of t-shirts and other apparel items. Plus, it's also CPSIA-certified, so you can bling out children's clothing and accessories, too! Comes in multiple awesome colors.

Adheres to:
    100% cotton
    100% polyester
    Poly/cotton blends
Temperature: 305F (150C)
Pressure: Low
Time: 10-15 Seconds
Peel: Cold
Washing instructions:
    Machine wash cold/mild detergent
    Recommend hang-dry only
    Do not dry clean, no bleach
*Instructions apply to the material ONLY, please follow the garment wash instructions also.
If you are uncertain of a material then always do a test press prior, especially on heavily treated fabric.
ALWAYS PRE-HEAT or PRE-PRESS your garment prior to applying the vinyl, this will get all of the moisture out of shirt.